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Low Maintenance Home Care Regimen

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

You have a crazy busy life… work, kids, family, the list goes on and on BUT you know it’s time to start taking care of your skin. Sound familiar? Here’s our go-to skincare routine for those who want a low-maintenance home care regimen with RESULTS!

Note: All of these products can be purchased from our online store.

CLEANSER: Rosa-Derm Foamer

Our most gentle cleanser, blended with calming ingredients to effectively remove makeup and environmental impurities. A great replacement for Cetaphil or CeraVe.

SERUM: Repair

A hydrating and luxurious serum that covers a wide range of concerns. Reduces puffiness, improves skin's structure, prevents free radical damage, repairs and stabilizes cell membranes to help prevent future damage. Great for many concerns from dryness to anti-aging and acne scarring.

MOISTURIZER: Brightening Lotion

Our “glow in a jar”, light weight, serum-like moisturizer. This product balances skin complexion, promotes a radiant glow, revitalizes and balances moisture, evens skin tone, and lightens discolorations.

To bump it up another level, instead of using our Brightening Lotion in the morning and evening, we recommend our 5% Glycolic Crème at night to instantly promote youthful, radiant skin, regulate skin’s natural balance, even skin texture and tone, and balance sebum production to keep pores clear.

This routine will take 5 minutes or less and your skin will THANK YOU for it! Please note, to address specific skin concerns, you'll need a few more products than this. Contact us for a customized home care regimen!

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