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About Us

Service offerings

Custom facials, hydrodermabrasion, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, LED therapy, radio frequency, acne coaching, chemical peels, & more.


Relaxation and visible results
We believe that your skincare treatment experience should be relaxing and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Life in today's world is busier and more stressful than ever, and we want to be your escape! Our skincare studio was designed to be a calming, uplifting, and results driven space. You're welcome to be quiet and keep to yourself during your treatment, or chat and tell us all about yourself! This is your time and we want you to spend it however you'd like!


Combining nature and science to provide lasting results
We choose to use products that combine the best natural ingredients along with a few bioengineered ingredients to give results! We use and stand behind each and every one of the products that we incorporate into our facial treatments. As an added bonus, the refreshing, natural smell of each will take your relaxation to the next level, while the ingredients will do the same for your skin!

Our Promise

Our main goal is simple - we want to help you feel beautiful in your skin

Skincare should not be viewed as a luxury, it should be viewed as a necessity. Everyone deserves to feel their best. We not only aim to improve your skin and overall well-being during your service, we aim to truly change your skin going forward. There is no quick fix when it comes to skin, it's a journey, and we'd love to support you on yours!

We are straight-forward

We will not offer you a massive list of service options with fancy names; instead, we will customize your service to your specific skin type and concerns.​

We strive to provide personalized service

Every client that walks through the door will receive a completely customized service that is fit to their skin type and unique needs. You will never be viewed as just another number.

Our Mission

Provide skincare that is results driven to those in the Cleveland area


Use products that are high quality, environmentally friendly, and void of harmful ingredients


Provide guidance and advice on how to continue improving one's skin at home

Educate clients on holistic skincare and wellness alternatives

Our Team


(Owner & Esthetician)

Sometimes beautiful things are born from struggle. My own experience with stress has taken me on a journey to find the right balance of inner and outer beauty, a path I am still traveling today.

I am an IT Business Analyst/Developer turned Esthetician. Upon graduating from Miami University and moving to Chicago for work, my constantly stressed, overworked, and unhealthy lifestyle did nothing to improve my skin and overall wellness. 

My skin had become such an issue that I was embarrassed to go outside at night, even with makeup on. After trying countless medications and products, and seeing doctor after doctor, I began researching skincare and wellness on my own. Soon I became absolutely obsessed with all things pertaining to skincare and holistic living. I learned that diet, lifestyle, and the ingredients in products directly effects how you look and feel. This revelation changed the course of my life.


A few years later, I decided to quit my job and chase my passion! I studied Advanced Esthetics at the Brown-Aveda Institute in hopes of one day opening my own business and helping others. I opened Simply You Skincare & Wellness in 2017. I'm so happy to finally be doing what I love, while feeling beautiful in the skin that I'm in. I hope that you'll let me share my knowledge and passion with you!

We have one life to live. Why not look and feel your very best during it?

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