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Commons Reasons for Breakouts

The skin is COMPLEX and always changing! This can be SO frustrating when you're experiencing breakouts. There are countless reasons why you may be breaking out, but these are the most common reasons:

❗CLOGGED PORES: no matter your age or skin type, your pores get clogged naturally, which is why facials are so important. Facials help to remove this congestion to clear up breakouts.

❗DAIRY: out of any food, dairy has been proven to cause the most breakouts. If you're struggling with your skin, this is always the first food group I suggest to cut out. Plus, these days there are SO many dairy free options to choose from. I personally enjoy Daiya products! Your skin and body will thank you!!

❗HORMONES: hormones are the root cause of all breakouts. When you're struggling with hormonal breakouts, it's best to treat it from the inside AND outside! To help balance your hormones, try incorporating a probiotic, as well as a product with DIM in it, like Skin Accumax (available in our online store).

❗LACK OF SLEEP: not getting enough sleep effects absolutely everything in your body. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night!

❗POOR DIET: your diet effects your skin SO MUCH. If nothing else, try to remove the following foods from your diet: peanut butter, shellfish, gluten, caffeine, sugar, seaweed, whey protein, dairy, iodine, alcohol (especially red wine), soy, and fried foods.

❗LACK OF EXFOLIATION: exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells to help unclog pores, increase product penetration, improve skin texture, lighten scars, improve breakouts, increase cell turnover, and much more! If you're suffering from breakouts, I suggest to exfoliate using either an AHA (glycolic, lactic, or mandelic), BHA (salicylic), or an enzyme. It's ideal to use a combination of these on a weekly basis.

❗TOUCHING YOUR FACE: we may all be washing our hands more these days, but if you're constantly touching your face then you're still getting dirt and oil on it each time. Try to be more mindful of this - most people have NO idea just how frequently they place their hands on their face!

❗DIRTY MAKEUP BRUSHES: makeup brushes hold so much dirty and oil! Make sure that you are washing yours at least once per week! Our Mega Purifying Cleanser (available in our online store) is amazing for makeup brushes, as is unscented castile soap (available on Amazon)

❗USING THE WRONG PRODUCTS: you may have a skincare routine, but that doesn't mean it's the right one for your skin type and concerns. Contact us and let us help you find the right routine!

❗MEDICATION: so many medications have an impact on your skin, especially birth control pills. Of course, you can't get off of certain medications but you may be able to change the type of medication if you've tried everything else and are still struggling with your skin. Contact us for acne friendly birth control suggestions!

❗HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: make sure you're reading the labels before you purchase hair care products! You want to make sure that the products do NOT contain phosphates or panthenol. Also, make sure to wash your face after you wash your hair in the shower!

❗STRESS: stress effects your entire body and absolutely will show on your skin, typically in the form of inflamed acne. Try your best to de-stress and breathe. It'll all be ok!!

❗NOT CHANGING YOUR PILLOWCASES: we sweat at night and the oil from our hair gets all over our pillowcases. Try to change these 3x per week, especially if you're experiencing breakouts on the side of your face that you sleep on!

One last breakout suggestion, sometimes your toothpaste can even cause acne! We suggest to wash your face after brushing your teeth to avoid this problem.

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